Zinc-It is a locally manufactured cold galvanizing compound. When Zinc-it is applied to properly prepared steel, it prolongs the useful life by as much as three (3) times, compared to traditional red oxide coating.

Zinc-It is widely used for coating the following:
 Strututral Steel Members

 Galvanize and Aluzinc Roof Sheeting

 Wrougt Iron Works

 Under Body of Vehicles

 Appliances such as Washing Machines, Dryers, Refrigerators, Freezers, Stoves etc.

Zinc-It also affords the following:
 Industrial strength protection against corrosion

 Prevent moisture from penetrating and rust developing.

 Outlasts traditional red oxide products by as much as three (3) times longer

 Resistant to abrasion

 Withstands temperatures up to 350oF

 Ready to use, straight out of the can

 Surface preparation: Light Duty – Wire Brushing Severe Duty – Abrasive Blasting

Zinc-It is a superior product that will provide longer lasting protection against corrosion.
This product is not recommended for:
 Contact with potable water

 Strong acids or Strong alkalis


Technical Specifications

Weight per US Gallon


17 lbs

Coverage @ 1.5 mils


260 sq. ft/gal

Zinc Content


97% in dry film

Solids by Volume





Slightly Thixotripic, needs to be stirred.

Touch Dry


1.5 - 3 min

Curing Time


25 - 35 min

Re-coat Time


25 - 35 min



Almost Unlimited

Flash Point


1400 F




Recommended Solvent


Zinc-It R5

Wet Mils


3.5 - 6.0

Dry mils


2.0 - 3.5

Surface Prep (long life)


Commercial blast( 10 + years)

Surface Prep (short life)


Remove Loose Rust ( 5 years)



Compatible with Several Top Coats

Temperature Limit


9000 F






  1. Remove loose heavy rust by chipping, wire brushing, chemical cleaning or abrasive blasting.

  2. Ensure prepared surface is dry and free from grease, dirt or other contaminants.

  3. Stir the contents thoroughly to obtain a homogeneous mixture before applying.

  4. Application may be done using a brush or airless spray. Note: if a brush is used, the strokes should be crossed perpendicular to each other